Does OHK charge to visit my property to provide a sales appraisal?

This service is entirely free. We will also, if required, offer advice relating to your particular plan together with ideas to best present your property and garden.

How much will you charge to sell my property?

By concentrating on modern technology, whilst retaining traditional values we are able to offer you a quality, professional and fully personalised estate agency service all for the best fees locally which are 0.85% plus VAT – whilst definitely not compromising on exposure or serves provided.

How does OHK set the price of a property?

By making comparisons with the prices recently achieved for similar property types and by accounting for supply and demand. Location, condition and extra features all play a part, as do the timescale and needs and wishes of the seller.

Who will conduct the viewings?

It’s up to you. If you’d like us to do them, we’ll do them. Some sellers insist on doing them, others ask us to do them or to show buyers round when they’re not available. It shouldn’t make too much difference who does the viewings. In most cases, if the house fits the bill the buyer will buy it. How long does OHK take to market my property once I invite you to proceed?

On average two days. Yes TWO days (some agents take up to two weeks). Once instructed to proceed we don’t hang about. The only delay can be caused by the absence of blue sky for the photos. Without blue sky we won’t go to print. If you’re not in a rush, we’ll go at your speed. If you are – we’ll go at top speed!

Where will OHK advertise my property?

You will see your property advertised in our prominent window displays along the busy main road of Ufton Lane in Sittingbourne.

OHK have a strong Internet presence with our own website and also the market leaders Rightmove and Zoopla. 

What about my Brochure?

These are our pride and joy. Our attention to detail and quality is very precise. In most cases we provide a 4 page laminated brochure with a carefully worded description, floorplan and a collage of half a dozen carefully selected colour photos. 

Will OHK prepare a floorplan for my property?

YES. We wouldn’t be without one – Buyers love them! We also include the gross interior floor space on our brochures.